About Samuel Mignot: abstractly and concretely:


I don't like writing about myself: even a little third person trickery doesn't make the process comfortable for me.

Though, I must like writing about myself because I enjoy writing, which is, inevitably, a distilling and sieving of the self through words.

Picture of the young man as a young man

Perhaps what I like is writing about myself by proxy: letting the books, movies, music, art that I love cast shadows of me on the wall.

This idea rationalizes both the creation of my blog and the methodology that I want to apply to it:

I don't want to pretend that my reviews and thoughts are directly about the topic of a post. I want to affirm and declaim the beauty of that which bounces around and mixes inside us, which is, after all, where art comes alive.


I am a writer and a programmer. After graduating from Stanford in 2019 with degrees in Computer Science and English, I moved to Paris. I'm fascinated by all things art and cautiously intrigued by most things tech.

Here are some of the projects I am currently working on: