jan. 16, 2020
samuel mignot

This weeks playlist is rather themeless, but shaped around the first song: Mold Baby (& The Queen Midas) by The So So Glos.

#Mold Baby (& The Queen Midas), The So So Glos

The first song on the playlist, Mold Baby, was buried in my main spotify playlist, but popped up on shuffle. I looped it for the rest of the day. I sent it to one of my friends with a tagline of "this is rather spiritual," not necessarily knowing what I meant, but knowing that it was true, at least for me (though I in no way consider myself spiritual, having generally conflated spirualitiy with strong emotional resonance).

The song stacks raw, slurred, softly harmonized vocals with a tambourine, a mutted mubling horn, and a ukulele. If you're not intrigued at this point, I don't know what else to tell you.

Everything I touch will turn old, and everything you touch will turn
To gold and everything I touch will turn old and grow mold my baby.
(It's a so so city/ they sold our city)

#Bobby, (Sandy) Alex G

Having long been obsessed with the character Bobby from Twin Peaks, I decided to like this song before first hearing it (a pratice which can be rewarding but is, much more frequently, deeply disappointing and misguided). In this situation, my rash preconceptions were quickly validated by this gorgeous (Sandy) Alex G song.

This song is like a new heartbeat.

Bobby's just a friend of mine
He's on his back
I'm on his mind
He wakes me when he goes to work
His hands are cold
His breath is smoke

#Don't Ever Leave Me, Bob Marley & The Wailers

A rather unconventional Bob Marley & The Wailers Song, Don't Ever Leave Me has 50's style harmonizing and is carried by amazing vocals by Junior Braithwaite.

#Linda Ronstadt, AJJ

AJJ is a surprising band. On the surface, they seem rather nihilistic, but aspects of absurdism, surrealism, and hope, thread their work. Linda Ronstadt is AJJ at their best: sarcastic, clever, hopeful.

And I can't handle astounding works of beauty
I think I like my pretty pretty ugly

#The Bug Collector, Haley Heynderickx

Heynderickx's song The Bug Collector is visually striking, with vocals that are beautiful but sharp: cold but not in a way that feels distant.

And there's a praying mantis
Prancing on your bathtub
And you swear it's a priest
From a past life out to getcha

#Cure for Pain, Morphine

Morphine's unique blend of Rock, Jazz, and Blues has kept them in my regular rotation: saxophone in rock music always gets me. Lately, I've been looping Cure for Pain and trying to understand why it's speaking to me.

The song is not uplifting, nor, on the surface, ideologically kid-friendly. Yet, in Cure for Pain Morphine gets at something fundamental: how to understand pain, how to feel better, and the essential belief that both are possible.

Someday there'll be a cure for pain
That's the day I throw my drugs away
When they find a cure for pain