jun. 21, 2020
samuel mignot

I cared for nothing but to love and be loved.

--St. Augustine, Confessions

It's not what you think: I don't want to kill them.

     Can you kill something you don't want to kill?

Stupid question. Obviously you can.

     It's just that I'm sitting on my bed, cross legged,

reading aloud with such zeal,

such religious fervor

                          that they're dying.

     It is as though, suddenly & violently, they understand the legacy of their being.

     I haven't stopped reading, which must say

something about my moral character.

     But if I am cruel in this halflight between the hallway where I have left the light on and the partially embracing curtains,

If I am cruel it is because I know

comforted by my wingless torso,

that if I fall it won't be from very high.